Apartment in Lugano (CH)

The apartment is in an elegant residential building near Mount S. Salvatore, in the municipality of Paradiso in the Canton of Ticino. The apartment features a long corridor. The challenge was to create a consequential system of functions that from the entrance crosses the entire house and connects the various areas. The wall of this corridor, more than 15 meters long, contains five volumes of oak, each with different dimensions and functions.
The first hides the service cloakroom. The second, more decentralized than the fulcrum of the home, hides a comfortable workstation, requested by the customer. The third volume, supporting the dining area, is equipped as a sideboard. The fourth, in a central position between living, dining and kitchen, contains a suggestive bio-fireplace. The last volume communicates with the living area.
The volumes, detached from the floor and ceiling, float in this niche entirely covered with Cardoso slabs with a rough finish.
A full-height window: a real perspective telescope towards the city of Lugano. The interiors stretch outwards, natural light freely enters the spaces, reflecting on the surfaces covered with mirror tiles. The furniture favors clean shapes, neutral colors and natural materials, as well as for fabrics, carpets and curtains. The sleeping area consists of two double bedrooms with respective private bathroom.

Private cliCliente: Privato
Area:  135 sqm
Co-project: Arch. Alessandro Tinucci
Lighting Project: Studio Bonofiglio
Photo: Alessandro Ciampi