Prayer Garden - Armenia (AM)

The project develops on an area of 1,000 square meters. Born from the desire to put in a cozy and intimate space, the large collection of "KHATCHKAR", ancient steles carved in the tuff, depicting the Cross and other symbolic elements important for the Armenian culture. The prayer space is suspended on artificial hills. It is accessed through a solemn staircase that emphasizes the detachment from the "earth state" to go up to a "higher level". The sky, the clouds carried by the wind, the sun that is born and sets, as well as the moon and the stars are the natural cover of this space. The perimeter walls, made of raw bricks of tuff, create a perimeter curtain that prevents the view below. Perfectly circular openings on the floor from which come out the stems and foliage of the trees below, contribute to create a strong and inseparable bond with the ground below.
Co-Progetto Arch. Alessandro Adriano Tinucci 
Landscape Design - Menici Garden LAB