Social Housing, Dàlian China (PRC)

The project develops near the state road that goes up North, from the city of Dalian to the town of Pulandian. This land is part of a larger urban project that involves the removal of production sites from cities. Our project is on a land of 12,500 on which they will have to find the housing for the workers.
The land available, not very large for the number of apartments requested by us, led us to develop a project on several floors opting for a closed shape that follows the perimeter of the land. Three sides house the apartments of the workers distributed on six floors above ground, the refectory, with a single floor, closes the south side. The internal courtyard has been used as a public space with a specific landscape project.
On the ground floor around this internal courtyard all the common destinations of the collective residential unit overlook. The use of color, the articulation of the windows on the façade and the use of covering materials, contribute to give a more fresh and contemporary image to this "Social Housing" project.
co-project Arch. Alessandro Tinucci